Dr. Udo Fluck, Founder and Director of Seminar Development

Udo Fluck is a German-born, cross-cultural researcher, educational entrepreneur and instructor with over a decade of experience in educational program development and implementation. He has developed and taught award-winning cultural competence-building seminars and diversity trainings. For the past decade, Fluck has maintained an active, nationally recognized research program related to multicultural and diversity education. His instructional approach has received over ten awards, one of which is a national research award, and he has presented more than 1,200 impactful awareness trainings to date.

 Udo Fluck

Fluck’s doctoral research focused on the development of a hybrid learning structure that increases cultural intelligence in participants. Subsequently, he founded and directed the University of Montana’s Multicultural Learning Solutions (2004 – 2013) and served as the Director of Global Gateway (2013 – 2016), the largest multicultural education office in Montana, housed on UM’s campus. For over a decade, Fluck taught all levels of undergraduate and graduate courses in various academic departments at UM; For more information on Fluck's academic background, program development, leadership and research visit www.udofluck.com

Fluck is a published lead- and co-author, endorsed by the American Council on Education and has contributed to the research base in pedagogy, instructional design and curriculum development since the mid-1990s. In recent years, Fluck has developed and provided seminars for business professionals, companies and non-profit organizations in Missoula and across the State of Montana, among those, Missoula Partnership Health Center, the Missoula Job Services Business Advisory Council, the Missoula Organization of Realtors, the Missoula International Friendship Program and the Montana State University Northern, to name but a few. IGCTC is particularly interested in expanding its services to commercial clients across the State of Montana.

 Udo Fluck teaching

In 2016, Fluck launched IGCTC, an LLC based in Missoula, with the mission of providing trainings that enable the recognition and understanding of values, beliefs, customs and behavior that other cultures bring to a human interaction or an organization.

  • IGCTC reduces preconceptions and eliminates potential discrimination.
  • IGCTC advances a respectful workforce.
  • IGCTC supports participants in navigating cultural differences.
  • IGCTC utilizes a structured approach to building awareness and understanding.
  • IGCTC helps to create a workforce where people collaborate more easily and effectively.
  • IGCTC cultivates genuine respect among culturally diverse individuals.

Fluck maintains his connection to UM, teaching evening and weekend courses and seminars in cultural awareness and global competence skill development, as an adjunct associate professor in the University of Montana College of Business. He is also a faculty member at Inspired Classroom and serves as a Tech Export Team member for the Montana World Trade Center.

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