of Intercultural and Global Competency (CIGC)

Upon successful completion of half-day, full-day or multi-day trainings, participants earn a Certificate of Intercultural and Global Competency.

Certificate holders:

  • Navigate the many layers that can negatively impact communication and collaboration among individuals of diverse backgrounds;
  • Understand the impact of culture on business communication, collaboration, and negotiation;
  • Develop strategies to utilize "culture" to strategically plan for success when dealing with culturally diverse individuals;
  • Appreciate how cultures shape beliefs, values, attitudes, communication, collaboration, and negotiation;
  • Possess a competitive advantage in the marketplace as companies and businesses increasingly demand cultural sensitivity and global competency of their employees, leaders and business partners.


The Intercultural and Global Competency Certification will:

  • Encourage confidence in the workplace
  • Improve interpersonal skillsĀ 
  • Expand horizons
  • Build trust among clients

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