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Udo Fluck recently gave a presentation to our Business Advisory Council on how to perform in a global environment. Our group of Missoula business people found his insights highly valuable, especially since Udo’s delivery is thoughtful, yet very engaging and entertaining. Udo’s expertise is obviously based on a long history of researching and teaching practical concepts that are applicable to any and all employers doing business regardless of market location or employee base

-Wolf Ametsbichler (Retired)
Manager Missoula Job Service

Cultural diversity has become very important in today's world. Our chances of interacting with people from various races, ethnic groups and cultures is far greater now than it has been ever before. Learning about people of different cultural backgrounds allows us to experience better interpersonal dialogue, communicate on a more personal level, and increases our chances of successful business transactions. Dr. Fluck's seminar allowed me to gain an understanding of the values, attitudes and behaviors of people from various cultures. I learned that diversity must be valued and integrated into my professional life to better meet the needs of my clients.

-Kathy A. Kinney
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty, Missoula Montana

As an executive of a large, multi-national business, I am keenly aware of the direct link between multicultural competence and business success. The program Dr. Fluck has pioneered would be an invaluable addition to the skill set of any aspiring business professional.

-Christopher Warden
Vice President, Washington Corporations, Company Headquarters, Missoula, Montana

We had the fortune of having Udo come to MSUN, to present a lunch seminar to faculty and staff and an evening presentation for students. During the lunch presentation, staff told me at the end that he should be back… his knowledge, charisma, and energetic and engaging delivery are unique. Participants from the lunch seminar encouraged students, telling them ‘the morning presentation was amazing; you should go’. Udo is a high caliber researcher and speaker and he is very easy to work with. It was an incredible experience to have him on our campus.

-Cristina Estrada-Underwood
Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs Montana State University Northern, Havre, MT

Dr. Fluck's presentation was not only extremely interesting and informative, it also was presented with an amazing amount of wit and humor.  Seminars like this are more easily remembered when it is connected to a pleasurable experience, which this training was. 
It is extremely easy to see what a broad range of humanity this encompasses and how all of us would benefit to keep this in mind considering the worldly upheaval that seems to constantly surround us. We can only hope that little actions spread positive ripples and this seminar does provide wonderful tools to make that happen.

-Kathy Sullivan
Partnership Health Center, Missoula, MT

It is imperative that we understand the intricacies of working with people from different cultural backgrounds if we hope to achieve success in our business and social interactions.  Udo Fluck teaches this topic with effectiveness and a nice dose of humor.  He not only keeps the attention of the attendees, he also fosters deeper understanding of the topic through interactive tasks.  I left the course knowing more and wanting to dive even deeper into the topic.  The opportunities are limitless if you are prepared for the cultural differences in those you work with.  I would attend any course he teaches!  A great speaker!

-Kat Dodd
Keller Williams Realty, Kalispell, Montana

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